Are you sure you have it in you?

This is a program that will transform virtually ANY guy from a bitch boy to a bad ass that women love and respect. This is a full immersion program meaning you will need to be 100% committed and willing to do whatever it takes. It also means we will get close and personal, so you need to be willing to open up and be honest.

The real beauty of this program is that you get a life long support out of it. You will never have to worry about being frustrated with your dating life again. You show me you’re fully committed, and I’ll give you my full commitment as well. And with me by your side, there is no such thing as failure.

So if you’re tired of being a “nice guy” and ready to finally make the transformation into a “bad boy” then lets get down to business.

I will not coddle you and sing you to sleep. I will not talk your head off with different theories about things either. My style of coaching is alot of tough love and very practical and instantly applicable advice. I don’t like to waste time. My objective is to turn you into a bad ass. I’ve got this down to almost a science now and you could be my next victim… It’s not easy at all but I’ll be right by your side to help you through the tough shit.

I will not teach you how to be a pick up artist. I will take you out to bars and clubs and pick up girls with you. But I will not give you lines and routines and listen to you talk about your “sarges.” I am all about building core masculinity and real self reliance. With my help, I can turn you into a modern day bad ass gentlemen that women love and want to sleep with without hurting or manipulating anyone.

Due to the extreme personal nature of this program, I can only work with so many guys at once. If you are serious about changing your life and would like my help, please fill out the form below and I will contact you as soon as I have an available opening. Please note that not everyone is accepted into this program. I hand select and personally interview each student I mentor. I will contact you if I am interested in your application and would like to proceed.

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