Do you have it in you?

My name is Jay. I’ve got a style of coaching that will transform virtually ANY guy from a bitch boy to a bad ass that women love and respect. I don’t just teach you some goofy “pick up system” and toy with your head a little bit to make you “feel good.”
No, no. I rip your fucking life apart and show you what an attractive guy lives like!
I’ll teach you how to build an awesome lifestyle for yourself. I’ll turn you into the guy that women love and chase after. All you’ve gotta do is be willing and committed to making changes in your life.
The truth is, most guys these days are lame. They watch Game of Thrones, drink craft beer with their buddies, and play stupid fucking video games all day.
Then you hear these guys say…

“I don’t understand why I can’t find a girlfriend!”

Really? Because I don’t even know you and I know why girls don’t like you! You have a lame lifestyle! (And you look like the girls step dad and you talk like her science teacher.. but don’t worry, I’ll help you fix that too.)
I was one of those guys before. I was raised by a single mother and she “emasculated” me to say the least. Any sign of masculinity I would show was shamed and later on in life, I was stuck finding out what it means to be a “man” on my own.
It took me even more time to figure out how to be a man that women find attractive. There is so much advice out there on “what women want” and I was just as confused as you are. It all turned me into “The Perfect Guy”… for my mother.
Since then, I’ve figured out what really makes women tick. I’ve figured out the man I have to be to make women actually want to be a part of my life. The changes you have to make are pretty simple. The only hard part is fighting against the resistance you create against yourself.

Most guys don’t want to change.

If you’re going to come up with excuses and bullshit me as to why you can’t do something or make a change, don’t even waste my time. If you’re a momma’s boy, you’ve gotta be able to admit it to yourself and be willing to STOP doing what you are currently doing and CHANGE.
I will make this very simple for you… If you want beautiful women in your life, you have to be an equally bad ass of a guy. It will not work. There is no system (nor should there be) that will somehow convince awesome women to fall in love with your pathetic ass. You need to change. Sorry, but that’s the way it is.
So, if I haven’t scared you off yet or completely offended you, let’s find out if you’ve got what I’m looking for… Maybe you will be the next in line to go through this epic life transformation from a bitch boy to a bad ass.
Are you ready? 

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